“This work inspires and uplifts both
myself and my clients.”
                                        Hee Tan

Certified Rolfer®
Movement Therapist


Hee Tan

Hee Tan founded Posture Connection in 2008. a.k.a Singapore Rolfer™ in FACEBOOK Hee Tan graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, Colorado and is a Certified Rolfer®. He has had the opportunity to study and mentor under some of the great first generation Rolfers including Jim Asher, Gael Rosewood and Ray McCall. Hee sees Rolfing as a way to look at relationships and compensation patterns in the body as it functions upright in gravity.

He is deeply interested in functional movement and postural alignment, and how they play a role in our daily lives, and our sense of self. Hee remains curious as a bodyworker and continues to seek out effective technologies to enhance his practice by regularly attending Continuous Education/ Workshop.

Since graduating for The Rolf Institute, he has took courses with The Upledger Institute, NeuroKinectic Therapy (NKT) and the latest tool in his healing toolbox is Frequency Specific MicroCurrent (FSM). Many have tried his unique brand of bodywork and LOVE it. 

Catching up with Jim Asher

Apart from the Rolfing bodywork practice, Hee also teaches movement lessons designed to improve coordination and reduce pain. This movement class is a result of his deep interest in movement practice and the appreciation of body form and function through his bodywork practice.

Apart from bodywork, Hee is also an experienced Ergonomics Consultant and he got his Master Degree in Ergonomics from Linkoping University (Sweden) & Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). For hobbies, Hee enjoys travelling all over the world to experience the great outdoor and different cultures. He is also an avid skier.

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